We are glad you were able to find our incredible products.  Established in the Islands of Hawaii we bring to you the combined flavors of Italy and the beautiful and very tasty Flavors of the Big Island of Hawaii where you can find 11 of the 13 climate zones of the world.  With that there are very few things that will not grow on the Island from our extra large Raspberries to the well known Pineapples.  Exoctic flavors that few have had the oppertunity to enjoy are combined here to share the experience that make life so enjoyable.  

The business began at the weekly flea market in Hilo and with the encouragement of many travelers from all over the world we have chosen to share with you both the taste and the opportunity. We invite you to browse through the website and find out for yourselves the joy of Island living.

For those looking for incredible products or a Great business opportunity we feel confident that we offer both. 




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